products we use and recommend

These are products that we recommend for you to use for your oral care.

Sonicate Diamond Clean Electric Toothbrush

Water flosser by WaterPik

Woven dental floss by Gentle Gum Care Floss

Soft or extra soft Oral B Toothbrush

OTC toothpaste that contains Fluoride. Avoid Whitening, Complete Care, Total and Tartar control toothpaste if you have sensitive teeth or gums

ClinPro 5000 Toothpaste for decay prevention and to lessen sensitivity

MI Paste to lessen sensitivity

Stella Life Products

PerioSciences Products, especially AO ProVantage Gel and Dry Mouth AO ProGel

Supplement recs

Ricinol for mouth sores

Closys Toothpaste and Mouthrinse for bad breath control and implant maintenance

Most of these products are available for purchase in our office.