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Michael J. Perona, D.D.S.

“Welcome to my dental practice, where I take pride in giving my patients exceptional care that combines a gentle, compassionate touch with the latest techniques and technologies. The results speak for themselves – many of my patients become life-long members of our dental practice family.”

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Dr. Michael J. Perona

My Mission

We strive to help patients live healthier, happier lives through caring, personalized dentistry encompassing oral health, function, and aesthetics. Our patient’s health, comfort, and satisfaction are our primary goals.

Patient Comfort

Your comfort is assured with every procedure. My team and I get to know each patient personally, take the time to address their concerns and provide a soothing environment. We are always attentive to our patients’ needs before, during, and after dental procedures – we want you to leave with a smile and return to see us for future care, confident that you have found one of the best dentists in the area for compassionate dental care backed by years of experience.

Expertise and Advanced Technology

Dental technology and new techniques are constantly evolving for everything from teeth cleaning to treating sleep apnea and other complex sleep disorders. Although we pride ourselves on offering warm, friendly care, every task is performed in a professional manner founded on experience, ongoing education, and devotion to exploring and utilizing the latest dental technologies for greater patient comfort, precision diagnosis and treatment, and impressive results.

  • Patient safety is assured through strict adherence to all state and federal guidelines, Covid screening, and surgically clean air in every treatment room.
  • Patient comfort measures include scheduling appointments with ample time for discussion, relaxing treatment rooms, and the latest advancements in pain control and anesthesia.
  • Patient convenience is at the core of our practice model. We offer complete preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry under one roof, minimizing your time in the dental chair and eliminating the need for referral to a specialist only when necessary. Whether you have a question about dental aftercare, insurance coverage, or how to handle a dental emergency, our friendly staff is available to help.
  • Dr. Perona’s dental practice stands out by utilizing cutting-edge technologies like CEREC and the iTero scanner, which enable the efficient creation of dental crowns and restorations in a single visit. With CEREC’s CAD/CAM system, digital impressions are transformed into precise 3D models, allowing for on-site milling of restorations in minutes. Similarly, the iTero scanner captures accurate 3D images of teeth and gums, eliminating the discomfort of traditional impressions and facilitating orthodontic and restorative treatments. These technologies not only save time but also ensure accurate fits and aesthetics for restorations. Dr. Perona’s practice extends beyond these innovations, embracing MLS laser therapy and expertise in dental-related sleep disorders, showcasing a commitment to comprehensive and patient-centered dental care.

Full Scope Dentistry

It is possible to retain your teeth for a lifetime with proper care. Whether you brush and floss devotedly or have neglected your teeth for years, our office is a judgment-free zone. Our dental hygienists and Dr. Perona will clean, protect, and preserve your teeth through appropriate preventive dental care. It’s so easy to stop in on your lunch break or after work for a dental cleaning and checkup at our downtown location!

The American Academy of Clear Aligners (AACA)Dr. Perona offers complete cosmetic dental care, including teeth whitening, ceramic veneers, and Invisalign®. With Invisalign, straighter teeth are just months away. Aesthetically pleasing goals are met while maintaining or improving how your teeth and gums function.

If you have lost teeth or need tooth extractions, we always stress the importance of appropriate dental restoration. Without the replacement of missing teeth, a cascade of problems can develop, including jawbone deterioration, infection, and premature aging of the face. Dr. Perona has been designing and placing dental crowns and other prosthetics for nearly 30 years.

Do You Have Sleep Problems? Dr. Perona Can Help!

Dr. Perona’s expertise in treating snoring, sleep apnea, and TMJ using nightguards, splints, and other dental appliances has made him a leader in cutting-edge, dental-based solutions to these dangerous sleep disorders. If you have trouble with any of the following issues, we can bring you the joy of a good night’s sleep.

Don’t delay making your appointment. Whether you want to feel healthier, improve your smile, or get a good night’s sleep, Dr. Perona is here to help. Contact our office at Michael J. Perona, D.D.S. Phone Number 415-546-7990 to schedule your appointment.

Transform Your Smile and Sleep Soundly with Dr. Michael J. Perona!

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